I’m wondering if my trust in the CDC’s handling of the Ebola cases is misplaced. I do trust them to get things under control, even though the Dallas hospitals didn’t do the greatest job with it on their own. But a lot of other people seem to be freaking out because, in their words, if two people were supposedly following the orders from their doctors and still contracted the virus, what does that mean for the rest of us?

I don’t have any concerns because I’ve done my research and I know that it’s not airborne, so there’s no way it could spread that way. But I guess I’m just a bit concerned that I place so much trust in the government that it doesn’t faze me about the missteps taken by hospital administrators in terms of safety protocol.



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Sometimes it’s hard being the positive one everywhere you go. Work, home, family, friends. Sometimes you need to be allowed to be the one to get angry, possibly irrationally, and have someone else calm you down and tell you everything is going to be fine.


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