30 hours until the open road to Cape Cod

It’ll mean 8 days with my future brothers-in-law and some other people that are interesting. But I’m excited for a break.

Also I’m working the overnight shift right now. Funsies.

Albums of the summer

So far:

Turn Blue - The Black Keys
channel ORANGE - Frank Ocean
The Fault In Our Stars Soundtrack

Also…scattered DMB tracks because they are apparently awesome and I’m about 20 years behind the times.

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

Summer concerts

Dead tired and incredibly happy.

John Mayer was incredible, as expected. Phillip Phillips opened for him and did an 8-minute song for every song. His voice & band strike a moderate resemblance to DMB.

…the fact that I said ‘moderate resemblance’ indicates how tired I am.

Date night

BBQ pulled pork and a beer, followed by a surprise bonfire & s’mores at an isolated beach timed to coincide with the sunset

I didn’t take pictures because, well, sometimes you just need to enjoy the memories.

A terrible and wonderful weekend all rolled into one.

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