30 hours until the open road to Cape Cod

It’ll mean 8 days with my future brothers-in-law and some other people that are interesting. But I’m excited for a break.

Also I’m working the overnight shift right now. Funsies.


I’m starting a new job! Same TV station where I’ve been working, but now completely focused on social media and our website.

I get a new title (digital content manager), a fun raise and they are upgrading my cell phone and buying me an iPad. Best of all? I get to do something that started out as a hobby that has become my job. Yay!

It’s always gratifying to see your work pay off :o)


Long-awaited job change is finally in motion.

Turns out it’s hard to pay full rent, electric, Internet, groceries and start to pay for a wedding on a news producer’s hourly wages.

Who knew?

Full-time social life struggle

All of my friends who are in couples have one couple who works until 4 p.m. at the latest and the other is a student, so they have part time hours where they just take a 3-4 hour class a few days a week.

They can’t understand why my girlfriend and I, who both have full-time jobs that require us to work a minimum of 40 (but more like 50) hours each week, can’t come to events or be on time to things or not be constantly stressed out from running around from work to dinner to an event.

It’s exhausting to try to do everything. We’re both trying to train for a half marathon and do training runs before dinner, then eat, then go out and be expected to have the same amount of energy and stamina as everyone else. It’s not possible and I wish they could spend a day in my shoes/her shoes to understand that.

I will always be awkward around women at work as I am overly conscious of trying not to flirt. Don’t worry, ladies, no danger with me.

I’m not sure when to ask for a raise, but I feel like since I’m the only one who fills in shifts literally every hour of the day, I should deserve one. Especially since the last time I got a raise was September 2010.

This is crazy.

News life: working as your friends mass text about which movie they want to see

foggy head. coffee still brewing. COME ON.

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